The Friday 15

Volume 38.

Welcome to The Friday 15 vol. 38, a selection of the most interesting and entertaining pictures, videos and articles from the last week on

Five pictures

1. Trapped dolphin 'thanks' kayakers after rescue

2. Frozen cake goes awry


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3. Mum-to-be spots late gran in scan

4. Intimate pics of royals from Charlotte's christening day

5. Women bare their gloriously unretouched thighs

Five videos

1. New, extra-fast swimming technique

New Fish Kick Swim Stroke May Be the Fastest Ever

2. Brazen cash for crash attempt
Van Reverses Into Car to Claim Compensation

3. A cautionary tale
Ouch! Leaping Into Pools From Buildings Looks Like Fun But Can Be Dangerous

4. UK succumbs to aggressive invader
Invasive Weed Causes Blisters and Scars

5. Cute puppy taught terrifying new trick
Rottweiler Shows Owner Mean Face

Five articles
1. 'Bogeyman' turns out to be real
2. Cheeky fraudster used discount sticker
3. English village outraged by sex festival
4. Charles to return to 'I'm A Celeb' jungle?
5. Woman gets out of parking ticket due to comma

That's our Friday 15 for this week, have a great weekend everyone!

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