'Selfie queen' wife of Labour MP denies affair

Karen Danczuk tells of marriage break-up

Selfie-Loving Wife of Labour MP Simon Danczuk Talks About Their Split
Cleavage-bearing 'selfie queen' Karen Danczuk has given a TV interview insisting that the split from her Labour MP husband is a private matter.

In her first interview after her relationship with Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk ended, the 32-year-old, who has posted several pictures of herself online showing off her cleavage, said things between the former couple were very amicable.

It came after the pair appeared to be locked in a public spat after they split up earlier this year.

Mrs Danczuk told Channel 5 News: "We are very private in our life, what has been played out that we are absolutely against each other and absolutely hate each other is just not true at all.

"Things are very amicable, we speak regularly on the phone as we have two young boys, that are just the most important things to us."

Rumours of affair

When asked why she had tweeted that Mr Danczuk was a alcoholic, she said: "With that tweet, for me I am human and I get upset by things and if something has been printed that is just not correct then I have an end of a tether."

She also took the time to deny rumours that she had been having an affair with her personal trainer, reports the Daily Mail.

She added: "I have not been having an affair, there is no affair, I've never had an affair and there won't be an affair - there is just no affair.

"I have not talked about intimacies, that is just incorrect and I have not done all these different stories."

Mrs Danczuk ended the interview by revealing she had been swamped with TV and radio offers but said she wouldn't be taking any up yet as her boys were her "priority".