Top 10 worst movie accents

Performances of questionable origin

Another Top 10 Worst Movie Accents
First up, Nicholas Cage's frankly weird accent playing an English crusader in the 2014 movie Outcast. It remains unclear why Hollywood persists with casting the California-born actor in historical roles.

At number nine, Lindsay Lohan in 1998's The Parent Trap. In the movie she played twins, one of whom was born in America, the other England. The two, however, were hard to distinguish from each other.

At eight, Quentin Tarantino in Django Unchained from 2012. He directed himself as an Australian, it is said, because his southern drawl that his character was supposed to have was deemed implausible. Problem was, so was his Aussie accent.

In at seven, Joe Pesci in the 1991 hit movie JFK. He tried to sound like a New Orleans native, but his accent was as mysterious as the assassination of the president itself.

Next, Jodie Foster in 2013's Elysium. The movie is based in the year 2154 and that's perhaps when her odd French/English combo will be spoken.

Top five

At five, Forrest Whitaker in The Crying game from 1992. In the thriller he played a British soldier captured by the IRA. But from which part of Britain remains unclear.

Number four, Nick Nolte in Lorenzo's Oil. In the 1992 movie, the American played an Italian father of a sick boy. But the only thing that needed treatment was his character's cartoony voice.

Greek tragedy now at three with Angelina Jolie in Alexander. The 2004 epic saw her play a woman born in Greece who inexplicably spoke with a Russian accent.

At two, Shannnon Elizabeth in American Pie. In the 1999 comedy she played a frisky Slovakian exchange student who thankfully had more going for her than her unusual grasp of English.

Finally, taking top spot is Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 1988 he played a Soviet army officer in Red Heat, and his accent was as stiff as his uniform. In fact, he sounded more robotic than Terminator. Luckily, this character didn't come back.