The Friday 15

Volume 37.

Welcome to The Friday 15 vol. 37, a selection of the most interesting and entertaining pictures, videos and articles from the last week on

Five pictures

1. Tesco apologises for Pringles gaffe

2. Terrifying vortex is mesmerising


See for yourself

3. Dad caused £1,000 of damage to daughter's wall

4. Couple lost masses of weight before wedding

5. UK tourist town declares wars on seagulls

Five videos

1. Disabled space abuser gets pranked

Driver Parked Illegally in Disabled Spot Taught Lesson

2. Did KFC really serve a deep-fried rat?
Did KFC Serve A Deep Fried Rat?

3. Diagnose your drowsiness
5 Reasons You Might Be Tired All The Time

4. UK's youngest fashion icon
Prince George Causes a Huge Sales Surge at This Company

5. More time for selfies?
Karen Danczuk: My Sexy, Cleavage-Baring Selfies Ruined Marriage

Five articles
1. Common vitamin linked to acne
2. Supermarket habit indicates you're rich
3. Is your holiday destination safe?
4. Classic character to make EastEnders return
5. Watch out for dangerous plant across UK

That's our Friday 15 for this week, have a great weekend everyone!

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