Celebrities with insured body parts

Million dollar boobs are a thing

Celebrities with Insured Body Parts

Some celebrities have body parts that are central to their careers. So much so, that many have taken out insurance policies on them.

So that if something happens to those parts and they couldn't work in the same way, they would be guaranteed some sort of income.

And it's not a new thing. Stars have been doing it as far back as the 1920s.

Silent movie star Ben Turpin, often the victim of Laurel and Hardy pranks, was famous for his crossed eyes. Realising that movie-goers found them hilarious, he insured them for $25,000 - a huge sum back then.

He insured them just in case they somehow uncrossed, which might have put paid to his movie career.

More recently, model Heidi Klum's legs were insured for $2 million by one of her clients. Oddly, her right leg was insured for more than her left due to a scar she got after falling on a piece of glass.

In 2006, David Beckham had his legs insured for a whopping £100 million, just in case he had a bad injury and he wasn't able to bend it like he used to.

Lloyd's of London

Another sportsman, American footballer Troy Polamalu is so famous for his dreadlocks that shampoo company Head and Shoulders took a policy out on them for $1 million.

Guitarist Keith Richards currently holds a $1.6 million insurance policy on his famously gnarled hands. Presumably to make sure that the Stones keep rolling.

Former Playboy playmate Holly Madison insured her breasts for $1 million in 2011 with Lloyd's of London insurance company.

Madison, 34, said at the time: "I've heard about people getting body parts insured and I thought, why not? Because if anything happened to my boobs, I'd be out for a few months and I'd probably be out a million dollars. I thought I'd cover my assets."