Top 10 most visited celebrity graves

Fans still flock to see Marilyn, Elvis and others

Top 10 Most Visited Famous Gravesites

Gone but not forgotten, many popular celebrities and musicians who are no longer with us still attract an audience in their own special way.

First up, Bob Marley is at number 10. The reggae legend who died in 1981 is buried in Jamaica. As well as visiting his grave, fans can also go on a tour which includes the house where he was born.

At number nine is James Dean. The star who died in his Porsche at the age of 24 in 1955 is buried in Fairmount, Indiana. Poster boy for disaffected youth, fans still flock to his grave even though he made just three films.

Frank Sinatra is at number 8. The legendary singer was buried in Cathedral City in California in 1998. He shot to fame back in the 40s, but he's still drawing crowds to this day. Fellow singer Johnny Cash, buried in 2003 in Tennessee, is at seven.

Lady Diana, who died in 1997, still draws thousands of well wishers to her grave at the Spencer family grounds in Northamptonshire. She was just 36 when she tragically died in Paris.

Top five

At the same age when she passed away and still with millions of fans around the world, Marilyn Monroe, buried in 1962 in Los Angeles, is at number five.

At four, Elvis Presley who at 42 was buried in 1977 at his home Graceland. His grave has turned into a shrine for fans and is visited by more than half a million people a year.

Despite not writing anything new for almost 400 years, William Shakespseare is at number three. He was buried in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1616.

Michael Jackson is at two. The 'King of Pop' was laid to rest in Glendale, California in 2009.

The top spot belongs to Jim Morrison. The former lead singer with The Doors was buried in Paris in 1971. He died at the age of just 27 and his grave is visited by around 1.5 million people a year.