Celebs who are older than they look

Age-defying stars

Celebs Who've Aged Gracefully

Hollywood is obsessed with staying young and some celebs seem to have found the fountain of youth.

One such age-defying star is Jane Fonda. All the aerobics videos she released in the 80s must have paid off because she looks impossibly young at 76 years old.

But it's not all genetics and jazzercise. The Oscar-wining actress admitted on her website that she had some work done on her eyes, chin and neck back in 2010.

Stephanie Powers has been in Hollywood for more than fifty years. The Hart to Hart actress is now 72, but she's looking every bit as glamorous today as she did when she was solving crimes in the 80s TV show.

Another big name from the 70s and 80s, Lee Majors, star of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy is now, unbelievably, 76. But he's still looking pretty sharp these days.

What's his secret for staying youthful? It could be thanks to his wife who is nearly forty year his junior.

Stars under 50

Some big names that are yet to hit the mid-century mark also manage to stay looking way younger than they actually are.

Pharrell Williams is one such star. The Grammy-award winning musician and style icon is, somehow, 42.

Also stopping the hands of time is Jennifer Lopez, who looks pretty much the same as she did when she left the block. She recently revealed that a daily exercise routine has been key to keeping those wrinkles at bay.