They're back! Beauty trends from the 70s

Modern looks with hippy and punk roots

10 Beauty Trends From the '70s That Are Back Again

Despite not being known as a great decade for beauty and fashion, the 1970s are making a comeback.

From the days of power black-outs and the Austin Allegro come fashion looks we thought we'd seen the back of.

Wearing flowers in your hair, as hippy culture celebrated all those years ago, is predicted to be a major look this year, along with centre-partings and pastel eyeshadow to complete that summery, peace and love festival feel.

Face gems, not to be confused with midget gems, the sweets many of us remember from our childhood, are little pieces of jewellery stuck to the face, and they could be the next big thing.

As could blunt bangs. Bangs, otherwise known as a fringe, are back in vogue. Especially if it's blunt - as in cut straight across the forehead, as singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell did back in the day.

Feathered layers were also big back then, seen most famously on Charlie's Angel Farrah Fawcett. Jennifer Lawrence has recently been seen out bringing that look back. And talking of 70s icons, don't be surprised to see a few afros.

Punk influence

But it wasn't all about hippies in the 70s. As the decade drew to a close, punks appeared with a very different aesthetic.

At the forefront of the punk movement, Siouxsie Sioux, lead singer with Siouxsie and the Banshees, made heavy-duty dark eyeliner famous, and her influence is set to continue.

Staying on a musical theme, the blonde bob which Debbie Harry made a classic is back on the wanted list, with singer Rita Ora among the fashion-conscious celebs to have already channeled their inner Blondie.