Drive me to the moon: Man builds space-age cars

Drive Me To The Moon: Man Builds Space Age Automobiles

Florida-based custom car designer Michael Vetter creates vehicles that are out of this world, by giving normal road models an extra-terrestrial feel.

The outlandish petrol-head takes 'donor cars' from paying customers, and makes a series of modifications to create his ETVs - extra-terrestrial vehicles.

They might look like props from Blade Runner, Total Recall or The Fifth Element, but these space-age-looking cars are actually completely road-worthy.

42-year-old Vetter, who owns custom garage The Car Factory in Micco, came up with the idea after the birth of his daughter, when he was unable to squeeze her car-seat into his sports car.

High selling price

"Once we had our little girl we could no longer drive a two-seater and be together," he says. "At this point I started drawing up sports cars with a back seat for the baby seat.

"These cars ended up looking too weird to consider a sports car so I went completely off the deep-end and decided futuristic could work."

He started building the ETVs in 1998 as his sole source of income. The horsepower of his space-age road cars have ranged from 95bhp to 300bhp, reports The Mirror.

The process begins with splitting the original car in two to get a longer wheel base. He then uses steel tubular metal to build a complete new frame inside of a custom-built fiberglass body.

And now he has converted everything from a Toyota Prius to a Porsche Boxster into one of his futuristic models, which have sold from as much as $75,000 (£47,000) to a staggering $250,000 (£157,000).
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