Kelly Osbourne hospitalised by poisonous spider bite

Kelly Osbourne Hospitalized for Poisonous Spider Bite

Kelly Osbourne was hospitalised yesterday after being bitten by a poisonous spider.

The TV star had to be treated after the spider bit her on the neck.

This is the second time the daughter of Sharon Osbourne has suffered a poisonous spider bite.

Osbourne broke the news to her fans on Instagram. She shared a photo of seven vials of blood taken by her doctor after the incident. That's how much blood was taken to make sure all the poison was removed from her body.

"Look how much blood they had to take," she wrote. Despite the seriousness of the situation, the 30-year-old found time to share a selfie from the doctor's office.

The photo shows Osbourne wearing a black high-collar jacket and dark sunglasses with her hair tied back. The spider bite appears to be partially visible in the bottom right portion of the photo.

Twice bitten

This isn't the first time she has had to deal with spiders. She was bitten on the face by a poisonous spider in November 2014.

Osbourne tweeted about the incident, telling followers she had "no words to express how much a spider bite to the face hurts!" She added that as a precaution, her doctors had given her an injection to the jaw.

She shared no further details about the bite or what type of spider it was.

It remains unclear what condition Osbourne is in at the moment, though she is believed to be doing well.
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