The Friday 15

Volume 35.

Welcome to The Friday 15 vol. 35, a selection of the most interesting and entertaining pictures, videos and articles from the last week on

Five pictures

1. Kate flashes fellow presenters

2. Waitress pays couple's bill


Find out why

3. Bargain gadget revives batteries

4. First portrait of famous siblings

5. Worker in trouble over 'beer can'

Five videos

1. What goes around, comes around

Instant Karma Fails Compilation || FailArmy

2. World's deadliest in the UK
Fears Over World's Deadliest Spider Shuts Down Supermarket

3. Shy fan surprises Jessie J
Shy Girl Gets Asked to Sing with Jessie J and Kills It

4. Is the apocalypse nigh?
No, Jade Helm Isn't a Military Takeover of Texas. Here's What It Is.

5. Parenting at its finest!
Dad Laughs Hysterically as Young Daughter Gets Chased by Goose

Five articles
1. Counterpart driving licences are no more
2. Secrets to being slim after 40
3. Man hid lack of penis from lover
4. Mathematicians explain missing MH370 debris
5. Bereavement leads Clarkson to give up alcohol

That's our Friday 15 for this week, have a great weekend everyone!

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