Trailer home turned Banksy canvas up for auction

Street artist's work could fetch a fortune for owners

Trailer Home Turned Banksy Canvas Up For Auction in Paris

A trailer painted with a work by street artist Banksy has been put up for auction and could net the traveller owners a fortune.

The painted trailer was first exhibited at Glastonbury festival for festival goers to enjoy. But it has always been called home for an itinerant British couple and their four children.

In 1998, the trailer owner knew Banksy as someone he had once busked with in Bristol and for £200 he agreed to let him use it as a blank canvas for the music festival.

And now the two travellers will be quids in after they put the trailer up for auction.

The Banksy work called 'Silent Majority' depicts a commando raid to install sound gear for a rave. It is one of his earliest known pieces.

It is expected to sell for as much as £400,000 when it is sold at Digard Auction in Paris.

Speaking to the auction site, the unnamed sellers said: 'The trailer has been our home since before Silent Majority was painted. We have travelled and lived in it as our home since and it has been seen around the country at various events, festivals and free parties.

'Created at the legendary Glastonbury Festival in 1998, Silent Majority is one of the oldest and most exceptional artworks by world-renowned street artist Banksy in collaboration with seminal graffiti artist Inkie.'

The couple hope to build a house with the money from the proceeds.