Balls of steel: Man tests bulletproof jockstrap

Groin protector put to the test

Bulletproof Balls: Man Is Shot In The Groin

This guy's nutty method of product testing is enough to make any man wince.

Missouri-born Jeremiah Raber, 38, has put his bulletproof groin protector to the test by getting shot in a very sensitive area.

The ballsy businessman is the owner and creator of Nutshellz, which claims to be the strongest jockstrap in the world.

Jockstraps to help sportsmen and military personel protect their assets are already on sale, but Jeremiah has now started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of what he claims is a stronger version.

To make sure it's fail-safe, he entrusted his friend and business partner - who being an avid hunter is a good shot - to take aim with a 22-inch long rifle.

He says: 'The whole reason I did the video is because I didn't think it was fair for me to have a product out there which I claim has a level of bullet-proof resistance without me at least feeling what the minimum threat would feel like.'

Luckily, he survived the test. 'It took balls to do this,' he joked.

The pair (of friends) currently have two models: the first is made with Kevlar and carbon fibre and is primarily for heavy impact sports such as hockey, baseball and cricket.

The second cup, which he was wearing for the stunt, is for police and the military and has a higher strength material at its core called Dyneema.