Humpback whales enjoy an underwater dance

Gentle waltz caught on camera

Humpback Whales Enjoy an Underwater Dance

The return of whales to the Caribbean is something that the Panga MX team had all been looking forward to for several months - and they were not disappointed!

During the last week of March, the team of researchers encountered four adult humpbacks close to the surface.

The whales passed close to one another as if engaging in some sort of playful dance, which proved to be an awe-inspiring sight.

The huge marine animals are known for such behaviour prior to mating, and this underwater waltz may have been a courtship ritual.

North Atlantic humpback whales are known to migrate annually between their summer feeding grounds in the North Atlantic and their winter breeding grounds in the Caribbean and West Indies.

They are capable of travelling at 5 mph but, during such a long journey, they average only 1 mph, resting and socialising along the way.

These enormous creatures can grow to nearly 60 feet long and weigh a whopping 40 tons.