Caught on camera: Lion uses hippo carcass as life raft

Caught On Camera: Lion Uses Hippo Carcass As Life Raft

In November 2014, tourists came across a lion who had bitten off more than he could chew.

The big cat in Kruger National Park in South Africa had spotted a super-sized snack - but his eyes were too big for his belly.

A hippo carcass had somehow ended up in the Sabi River and to the lion, which usually has to hunt for its food, it looked like the perfect opportunity to get an easy meal.

But the current in the river rapids was stronger than the lion had bargained for.

The peckish predator managed to get a grip on the huge beast, but was then overcome by the surging water and was almost swept away.

Despite the ferocity of the tide which would almost certainly have swept a person away, the strength of the lion enabled it to fight back.

There's only one thing for it, the cheeky cat must have thought: use the hippo as a life raft.

The video footage then shows it clinging on for dear life. Even then, he has a little nibble.
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