Stuttering comedian wows America's Got Talent judges

Audition earns 'golden buzzer'

Stuttering Comedian Wows 'America's Got Talent' Judges

On the season premiere of America's Got Talent, a comedian who developed a major stutter after a softball accident wowed the judges with his act.

Drew Lynch told the judges before his stand-up routine that at the age of 20 at a softball game he got hit in the throat causing sever vocal trauma. Since then he has developed a stutter.

But his disability didn't affect his sense of humour or his determination to stand on stage and follow his dreams.

Lynch has even incorporated his disability into his routine. He had all the judges laughing when he compared his voice to a GPS sat nav system, right when you get lost and the system starts to break up.

Judge, former Spice Girl Mel B, said: 'I was laughing even more at the fact that you were laughing at your own jokes.'

The judges and the audience couldn't get enough of Drew's routine and even gave him a standing ovation before the audition was over. The crowd began chanting 'put him through'.

In fact, judge Howie Mandel liked him so much he gave him the show's brand new golden buzzer, making him the first act to be sent straight through to the live finals.

'You are worth a million dollars,' Mandel told him. 'I want to see you at Radio City Music Hall.'

Drew was ecstatic and burst into tears.