Game of Thrones star says she's 'staying a virgin until marriage'

18-year-old body double makes chastity vow

Game of Thrones' Body Double Says She's Staying a 'Virgin Until Marriage'

Guys, please stop sending Emilia Clarke's Game of Thrones body double nude selfies. She's not going to sleep with you. And her mother is not impressed.

Rosie Mac, the 18-year-old British model who portrays Daenerys Targaryen, also knows as Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons on the hit HBO fantasy series, has made a public vow of chastity. On her Instagram page, it states that she wishes to remain a 'virgin until marriage.'

'I've got very high morals,' she told The Sun newspaper. 'I read it when I was about 13, from beauty pageants, and it kind of stuck. I really like the whole thing of keeping yourself for your husband.'

Her Instagram and Facebook pages are full of modeling photos, including pictures of her in bikinis and she says they have attracted some unwanted attention.

'I get a lot of weirdos messaging me strange, nude pictures all the time in Facebook messages. One of the things they don't realise is that my mum actually helps me manage those accounts, so she's seen it all, too. That's definitely not the way to impress me. Or her!'

The model, who is currently single but has been engaged twice before, said that her busy schedule means getting a boyfriend is pretty tricky.

'I am always working one way or another, so I don't have time for a boyfriend,' she said.

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