Unreal magazine Photoshop fails

18 Unreal Magazine Photoshop Fails

Many of us dream of looking like celebrities on magazine covers, but the truth is they often get a helping hand from technology.

Editors have been known to use Photoshop to touch up an image to make a star look prettier, younger, more toned, or to hide a blemish or a wrinkle.

But mistakes are made, and if you look close enough you'll spot them. And some of them are not subtle at all!

Missing belly buttons and body parts, even a whole leg, have somehow made it through the editorial process. And far from giving some celebs a helping hand, often the finished image can bear little resemblance to the person we know.

Well known features, such as those of singer Taylor Swift, have in the past been warped or air-brushed out of existence. Some stars have ended up looking like a startled plastic doll, while others have been given the dreaded 'giraffe neck'.

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