Ouch! Pole vaulter misses jump and gets hit in the face

'Athlete' makes poor attempt

Pole Vaulter Misses Jump and Hits Self in Face

The pole vault: An Olympic discipline in which an athlete uses a carbon fiber pole to jump over a high bar. Well, in theory at least.

This young 'athlete' was attempting the notoriously tricky event at a local meet and ended up showing everyone how it's not done. But not only did he fail to make the jump, he managed to whack himself in the face with the pole for good measure.

And unfortunately for him, the entire episode was caught on camera - in slow motion, too.

After gaining insufficient speed on the runway, the young man then fails to make the pole bend to the side to clear his way for elevation. He then, mid-flight, abandons any hope of clearing the jump.

But his troubles aren't over yet. The pole un-flexes and whips back to smack him straight in the face. Despite a bloody lip and damaged pride, he got back on the runway and was then successful in making the jump.

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