The Friday 15

Volume 32

Welcome to The Friday 15 vol. 32, a selection of the most interesting and entertaining pictures, videos and articles from the last week on

Five pictures

1. Farmer turns down gargantuan offer for his land

2. Plug hole swallows lake water


Watch it disappear

3. F1 boss' parents snubs his wedding invite

4. Lorry sheds load of cash

5. Not for the squeamish

Five videos

1. Supermodel has her own Mini Me

Cindy Crawford Daughter Is Spitting Image Of Model Mom

2. Ingenious call for help
Woman Being Held Captive Sends Distress Message Through A Pizza Order

3. Cop's hunch pays off
Police Dog Missing For 7 Days Reunited With Emotional Handler

4. Would you go this far for an hourglass figure?
Fetish Model Wears 18 Inch Corset For Perfect Hourglass Figure

5. Destruction derby
Car Rolls After Tanker Crash in China

Five articles
1. Flight MH370 team finds mysterious shipwreck
2. Michael Schumacher's wife sells jet
3. Council move woman's car onto yellows
4. Teen laughed out of Superdrug over eyebrow request
5. Smelly kettle epidemic sweeping Britain

That's our Friday 15 for this week, have a great weekend everyone!

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