Kim Kardashian confronted by animal activists at book signing

Celebrity berated in New York for wearing fur

Kim Kardashian Berated by Animal Activists During New York Book Signing

Kim Kardashian has been targeted by animal activists at a New York book signing.

The reality TV star was at Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue this week signing copies of her book Selfish, which is composed entirely of her own 'selfie' photographs.

While she may have been ready for over-eager fans, she probably didn't expect animal rights activists to highjack the event.

The wife of rapper Kanye West has worn real fur on a number of occasions at high-profile events, as has her daughter, 21 month-old North West.

While she was signing books, a number of protesters gathered in front of her. One man said: 'Shame on you for supporting the fur industry.'

The star seemed unruffled and continued to sign books as another activist confronted her directly, saying: 'It's wrong to wear fur, you need to stop wearing fur. It's horrible. You're a terrible person.'

Another man cheekily asked for a copy of the book to be signed, saying: 'Can you make it out to all the animals that were killed for you to wear a fur coat.'

Some fans queued overnight to meet the star, and while many dreamed of snapping a photo with Kardashian, selfies with her at the event were prohibited.

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