Essential tips for taking better photos with your smartphone

Take sharper pictures

Taking Sharper Photos with Your Smartphone

Now that the smartphone has all but replaced the digital camera for taking photographs, here's a few tips on how to get the best out of your mobile device.

You can avoid getting the shakes by using a tripod - yes, these aren't for just larger digital SLR cameras. They fold away and are easy to take with you, too.

When using a tripod, you can time delay the phone to get yourself in position before the shutter clicks. And did you know you take the picture by using the button on your earphones?

Another tip that sounds obvious is to use both hands. Using one hand, particularly when taking the ubiquitous 'selfie', can end up capturing wonky images.

The physical buttons on the side of the phone are rarely used too when taking a selfie. Just pressing the screen 'button' can often involve getting your hand into an awkward position.

Using the focus lock by pressing down on the screen on a particular part of the image is also a good way to concentrate the eye on one aspect of the photo and can give the image the correct light exposure.

Finally, as with all photography, keep the lens clean.

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