Famously bald celebs with a full head of hair

Famously Bald Celebs With A Full Head Of Hair

How different do these famously bald celebs look when rocking a full head of hair?

Does a full, thick mane of grey locks suit Bruce Willis? The Die Hard star's gradual hair loss started way back in his Moonlighting days, and maybe that's the way it should stay.

Then there's Vin Diesel: The Fast & Furious tough guy doesn't look so intimidating with this coiffured, bouncy number - but would you tell him?

Other guys you might not want to get the giggles around are Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, who wouldn't look out of place in a Beg Gees cover band with this mid-length, brushed back 'do.

And can you curb your enthusiasm for Larry David's new look?

Proof, maybe, that sometimes its better to let nature take its course.

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