Gordon Ramsay reveals the grossest thing he's ever eaten

Chef finds some things are too much to swallow

Gordon Ramsay Reveals the Grossest Thing He's Ever Eaten

On 'The Late Late Show' on Monday night, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay revealed the grossest thing he's ever eaten.

The show, hosted by fellow Brit James Corden, proved even the most worldly of palates can find some things just too much to swallow.

When asked by Corden what the worst thing he's ever eaten was, the world-renowned chef immediately remembered one particular meal.

'Mac 'n cheese,' said Ramsay, innocently. 'Last year's audition show for Masterchef. It tasted sweet. I thought this lady had made it with almond milk.'

Yes... you've guessed it.

'The cheese on top is nice, but it's very sweet. So I said: 'How did you make this thing?', and she said: 'It's my breast milk'.'

Apparently Ramsay didn't think the meal was that bad after all - it just needed more salt!

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