Celebrity Big Brother 2010 - the beginning of the end?

With 2010 only a few days old, the first reality show of the decade is already underway.

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Unless the show is picked up by another network, this year will see the Big Brother doors slam shut for the final time so many will have been hoping for a feast of A-listers as part of its last hurrah. Once again though, disappointment seemed to be the order of the day as Davina McCall introduced this year's Celebrity Big Brother contestants.

And as the one-time pop sensations, those famous only for their sleeping partners and the obligatory glamour model trooped into the house, it seemed unclear whether it was the viewing public that is tired of the format, or simply that the format is getting tired.

No doubt there will be many viewers glued to the antics of Vinnie Jones, Sisqo and Ekaterina Ivanova but it still feels a little as if the show is going out with a whimper rather than a bang.

Whether cage-fighting cross-dresser Alex Reid or born again Christian Stephen Baldwin will draw the same viewing figures as those of the first series remains to be seen and just the fact that each 'celeb' has to introduce themselves seems to really hammer home the point.

From I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here to the now extinct Celebrity Love Island, it was Big Brother that began our obsession with reality television and now things appear to have gone full circle.

Have we had enough of reality TV, celebrities or possibly even both? That is the question.