Eurovision song contest

Tonight, if you happen to be in Moscow, you will find an extravaganza of middle of the road pop, cheesy hopefuls and Terry Wogan - it is of course the final round of the Eurovision Song Contest. Twenty five countries will be represented tonight, including the 'Big Four' - United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany - and Russia, the hosting country.

Eurovision is notorious for dodgy political voting and so this year's format has changed to prevent countries voting for themselves and their neighbours. This means that for the semi finals last Tuesday and Thursday, certain countries could only vote on ceratain days and also if you want to phone in your vote tonight, it cannot be for the UK act. If you try to vote for the UK act, it won't be counted.

Representing the UK's talent and musical ability this year is Jade Ewen from Plaistow, who will be singing 'It's My Time' which was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Jade won the opportunity to sing for the UK after a tough 4-week competition, Eurovision: Your Country Needs You. Hopefully she will fare better than last year's act Andy Abraham who not only managed to acheive last place, but also didn't get his song into the Top 40 singles chart. Oh dear.

The show kicks off at 8pm on BBCOne with Graham Norton as a new commentator. Will you be watching eagerly, or does the show bore you to tears? Leave a comment and let us know.

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