English Bulldog Runs Just Like a Human Kid Upon Hearing the Ice Cream Truck

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Childhood summer times hold favorite memories for many of us. Long days of playing with friends outside, splashing around in the pool or sprinklers, and of course, waiting for the ice cream truck to go by. But kids aren't the only ones who wait for the ice cream truck - check out this English Bulldog named Eggdog who knows the sound of the ice cream truck when he hears it!

Eggnog's mom shared a video at the beginning of July showing what happens when the bulldog hears the sound of the truck. The video starts with the pooch playing at the water's shore. As soon as that ice cream song that we all know and love starts to play, he takes off in the direction of it. Make sure your sound is on to get the full effect!

I've watched a lot of Eggnog's videos, and I can honestly say that is the fastest I've ever seen him move...and he moves pretty quickly for an English Bulldog! Commenters could totally relate to Eggnog's reaction. @CherScents laughed, "Frozen treats move those feet!" @Mystic Pines Candle Co. admitted (and so did many others, including myself!), "I know exactly how you feel, Eggnog!! LOL!" @Sue3636 shared, "Who knew Eggnog could move like that??" and Eggnog replied, "LOL! I'll do anything for ice cream!" Another commenter reminded the bulldog, "Don’t forget to ask mom for money!"

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Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?

While it's fun to watch the dog's reaction to hearing the ice cream truck, I really hope Eggnog's mom doesn't get him ice cream! Ice cream is a favorite human treat, but it's not good for dogs. The main reason is because dogs cannot digest milk well, and lead to a stomachache or worse, depending on your dog's sensitivity to milk. And if your dog has food allergies, definitely skip the frozen treat!

Most ice creams also contain a lot of sugar, which isn't good for us or for our dogs. They also may contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs, like chocolate or artificial sweeteners like Xylitol. Popsicles can also contain toxic or unsafe ingredients and lots of sugar, so steer clear of them as well unless the ice cream or popsicle are made just for dogs.

But that doesn't mean you can't find dog-friendly ice cream and pupsicles! You can find premade versions in most grocery stores or even make your own. Start with some Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and your dog's favorite fruit and you're on your way to giving them ice cream. If pupsicles are more your style, here are 7 ice pop recipes worth trying. If you don't have the time or desire to DIY, you can buy frozen berries as a treat, or freeze some watermelon or cantaloupe. Those are all nature's own version of popsicles that you and your pooch can enjoy together!

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