English Bulldog Has Epic Fail After Trying to Use Kiddie Pool as a Boat in the Pool

Shutterstock/Wasitt Hemwarapornchai

Annie is a 6-year-old English Bulldog who lives in Texas, and she loves to swim. This was surprising to me since English Bulldogs are so compact and have breathing issues, but with the help of her lifejacket, she's become a pro! Her paw-rents shared a video on Thursday, June 6th of her playing in the pool, and it's the cutest thing you'll see today.

Annie has a full-size swimming pool in her backyard, and she also has a kiddie pool to splash around in. One of her humans thought it would be fun to put the kiddie pool in the big pool and use it as a boat so that Annie could float around in it. Annie also thinks it sounds like a good idea and gives it a go. Watch to see what happens next (and turn on your sound because the music is perfect for what's going on!)

I think Annie might've been a bit too heavy for the boat! It was a definite failure, but the cutest fail I've ever seen, and Annie didn't seem to be bothered by it at all. The Titanic music was the perfect music choice, too! Commenters couldn't get over how cute Annie looked and her valiant attempt to stay afloat. @90'Baby said simply, "Whelp! LOL!" and @HISTORY MAN made me laugh when he joked, "Jack! Jack! Come back Jack!"

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Can English Bulldogs Swim?

Annie's video got me thinking...can English Bulldogs actually swim on their own? The answer is no, due to the way their bodies are built. But with training and a lifejacket like Annie has, it is possible for them to learn how to swim when assisted. Bulldogs have big heads, dense, heavy torsos, and short legs that make them sink in water. They also have breathing issues which can be exacerbated in the water.

The Bulldog Blog shared the steps required to teach your English Bulldog to swim, and it seems quite straightforward:

  • Fit your dog with a life jacket and a leash for protection

  • Start off gently in the shallow end. Never throw them in to the deep end to shock them into swimming

  • Remove distractions, such as other people and animals

  • Let them swim a short distance to someone they trust in the water

  • Repeat this at increasing lengths and depths until they are confident

They go on to say that Bulldogs "should have the instinct of how to move their legs and propel themselves in the water." They remind pet owners to be patient, don't make the dog do anything they're not comfortable with, and how important positive praise and reinforcements (bring on the treats!) are for water training.

Ways to Keep Your English Bulldog Cool This Summer

If your pup still isn't comfortable in the water, there are other ways for them to splash around and stay cool during the summer. The kiddie pool that Annie sank can be filled up on the patio so she can get in and out of it as she wants.

Another way to keep them cool is by letting them play in the sprinklers or with a water toy that attaches to a hose. They'll love running in and out and trying to 'catch' the water. It will also help them regulate their body temperature without needing to be in a large body of water.

And remember, while many dog breeds are fans of water, some breeds just don't like it. Each pup is different, so you just have to work with your dog to find out if they're comfortable in the water or not.

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