English Bulldog Cannot Contain His Excitement to Ride New Electric Skateboard

Shutterstock/Fellers Photography

Have you ever seen a dog ride a skateboard? It's a pretty cool thing to see, especially if you're like me and can't ride a skateboard yourself! Chowder is an English Bulldog who's a skateboarding pro... literally. He's been doing it for years! His paw-rents shared a video on Monday, June 17th of Chowder who couldn't contain his excitement over his newest board - an electric skateboard.

The video shows his humans setting the board down in a big, flat, empty parking lot. They let Chowder out of the car, and he immediately runs to his new skateboard to try it out. He even made some new friends and got to race them! Watch as he zooms across the parking lot...if he had a tail, it would be wagging!

He was beyond excited with his new ride! I love watching Chowder ride, and he enjoys it so much - just watch that tongue wag! In the caption, Chowder's humans remind everybody that he's been skateboarding for years and is a pro, and that they take many safety precautions to keep him safe. They went on to say that an electric skateboard is not for dogs new to skateboarding, and I can see why. On average they go up to 18 to 28 miles per hour!

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Cool Pets Who Have Learned to Skateboard

I was so impressed with Chowder's skills that I did a little digging to find other pets that like to ride. Check out this Dachshund who gathers quite an audience at the skate park. Greyson is a Pit Bull loves to ride, and even knows how to ride a board with only one wheel! He's famous for his riding just like Chowder!

Dogs aren't the only pets that can shred. Check out this funny Cockatoo who uses its dad's bald head as a 'skateboarding' ramp! Don't miss this Budgie bird who learned how to skate on a tiny board, and this tabby cat learned how to grind, too!

Are you ready to teach your pet how to board like Chowder and the others? It turns out that there are a ton of videos and articles about how to teach your dog to skateboard...it seems that everybody wants to do it! Wag! also shared a great tip about the kind of skateboard you'll need for your pooch, "You need to get the right skateboard for your pooch, as it’ll have to be a wide skateboard that all four paws can fit on easily." Great reminder that they can't ride if they don't fit!

It's so fun to watch all of these skateboarding pets! I'll be honest and say that I don't have the patience for the training it takes to make it happen. Heck, I can barely get my dog to go on a walk without yanking on the leash the whole time!

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