Energetic Dalmation With a Name Disney Fans Will Recognize Has Waited 7 Months For Rescue

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Whether or not you identify as a 'Disney adult,' there's a pretty good chance you grew up watching Disney movies and shows.There are princesses, animal friends, and so many magical adventures--what's not to love?

One Disney movie that's practically a must-watch for dog owners is 101 Dalmatians. Not only does this film feature quite possibly the most fabulous villain of all time (minus the dog fur coat, of course), but it's filled to the brim with adorable animated dogs! It's easy to see why this movie inspires so many people to love Dalmatians, and it's also easy to see why animal shelters may take advantage of the movie's fame when they have a Dalmatian in need of adoption.

Aptly named Pongo is one of the many Dalmatians around the country who are waiting in shelters for their forever owners to find them, and his rescuers at PetSuites Winter Garden in Florida even have him his own 'movie' to help him attract attention. Check out the precious May 18 TikTok video:

OMG--what a beautiful dog! Pongo looks exactly like his animated namesake, though surely his rescuers have already had him fixed, so he doesn't make 101 Dalmatians of his own. This is a gorgeous dog breed--there's no doubt about that--but responsible breeding is always important!

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Dalmatians aren't seen nearly as often as popular dog breeds like Golden and Labrador Retrievers, so it's hard to believe that Pongo has been waiting so long for an adopter. But it's been seven long months of waiting for this energetic boy, even if he did get to 'celebrate' his third birthday in the Florida-based rescue.

So what gives? Pongo seems like the perfect fit for an active dog owner, so why is it taking him so long to find a home? Sadly, 101 Dalmatian Syndrome may be to blame. Many people fall so in love with the look of spotted dogs that they are uneducated about the high-energy needs of Dalmatian dogs. Pups like Pongo need a fenced-in yard, plenty of space to run and play, and lots of exercise with their owners!

Dalmatian Breed Stigma

However, one commenter named Katerina made another very good point: "I think there’s a stigma around Dalmatians, but I can say pongo looks like the sweetest pup ever!" He sure does! But what's the stigma? Someone replied to the comment claiming, "It's an aggressive breed," but all they did was prove Katerina's point! Pongo's rescuers explain that he can be guarded around some dogs but plays well with many others, but let's be honest--that's the case for most dogs!

But guess what? Pongo got adopted as a result of the previous TikTok video! He joined his new family just two days later, and he's never looked happier.

Thank you, Olivia and Brandon, for giving this guy a chance! He's going to have so much fun running around acres of land and getting lots of love from his new family. It's what every shelter dog deserves!

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