‘Endless Stream’ of Baby Geese Swimming After Mom Is Too Cute to Resist

Shutterstock/Albert Beukhof

It's that time of the year when geese and other birds' babies are hatching, and the babies begin exploring their new world. There's also a lot to teach the little ones, including swimming lessons and where to find food. CBS News shared an adorable video on Friday, May 17th of a mama goose in Michigan and all of her new babies...talk about having your hands full!

The video starts with a line full of goslings swimming behind their mom, but what's interesting about this video is that the line of babies seems to be never ending! I counted more than 20, but I know there's more than that. Watch on to see the line of cuteness following behind the goose.

Just watching this video made me tired for the mama goose! She's got to be exhausted keeping track of them all. I know geese usually share parenting duties, so I wonder where dad is. Of course, CBS News commenters couldn't get over the cuteness and the endless stream of baby geese. They left comments with lots of heart emojis; I can understand why because this video made my heart happy, too!

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How Many Babies Do Geese Have?

Before moving to Georgia, we lived in Indiana for a few years and had a pond in our backyard. Each spring, two geese came back to build a nest and have their babies. They only had four or five at a time, so I was surprised to see this goose had so many! This made me wonder how many babies a goose usually has.

I headed to Birdfact.com to see what I could learn about goslings, "A goose brood may number around 5 to 10 chicks. On rare occasions, two broods merge into one, creating large flocks of up to 15 birds." But this mom definitely had more than 15! Did she adopt orphaned babies? Maybe.

CPR shared this, "Geese's well-known parental instincts can apply to all goslings, even if those babies aren't biologically their own. Canada geese, like humans, are monogamous, and couples often stay paired up for life — making an ideal home environment for orphaned goslings. Flocks will foster abandoned goslings without a peep." One wildlife rehabilitation staff member explained, "The babies run to the other little babies, they get into their little spot, and we can’t even tell who’s who." So maybe this mama goose picked up some extra babies!

Birdfact also explained that the babies will stick around with mom and dad for quite some time, "Baby geese remain in their family unit for the best part of a year, if not longer. As summer progresses to fall, goslings remain close to their parents in a family unit which sometimes merges with other family flocks." Sadly, only about 1 in 10 goslings that hatch will make it to adulthood. The last year we were in Indiana, the mama goose had 5 little ones trailing behind her. Days later, there were only two left.

I hope to see more of these geese! It'll be cute to watch them grow and play. Good luck to mama because she's going to need it with all of those babies!

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