Edinburgh Zoo's Swiftie Penguins Prepare for Taylor Swift Concert by Wearing Friendship Bracelets

Thousands of bejeweled and friendship bracelet bedecked Taylor Swift fans have descended on Edinburgh for the first show in the UK leg of the Eras Tour, and you can feel the excitement all the way to America.

Not only are human fans lining up in excitement to see Taylor, but the penguins at the Edinburgh Zoo are showing their appreciation of the I Can Do It With a Broken Heart singer by adorning their little flippers with Taylor Swift inspired friendship bracelets.

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The zoo posted on Instagram, "Our penguins are ready for #EdinburghTSTheErasTour with their friendship bracelets!Remember, show your Eras Tour ticket at the door to get 25% off zoo admission (valid for 7 - 9 June walk-up tickets only"

What a cute promotion! People on social media are loving this and one person commented, 'I once believed love would be black and white, but it’s”…. black and white PLUS a rainbow friendship bracelet!" Awwww! Another added, "Absolutely obsessed with this they look so good."

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Swift is performing the first of three shows at Murrayfield Stadium, in a concert that lasts for at least three hours.

While on tour in Australia, Swift and her partner Travis Kelce spent some time with the animals at the Sydney Zoo. Maybe Taylor will find a quick break while in Scotland to visit these adorable penguins!

Other Animals That are Big Taylor Swift Fans

Welcome to the Eras tour! <p>Iryna Imago/Shutterstock</p>
Welcome to the Eras tour!

Iryna Imago/Shutterstock

Ever since Taylor Swift embarked on her record breaking Eras tour, fans and animal lovers have gotten in on the excitement and celebration of this worldwide event by getting their pets in on the act.

Fans at the Mexico City concert adorned a Police K9 with friendship bracelets and it's just the cutest.

Another police officer recreated Taylor's Time magazine cover, but with her police K9.

We saw so many pups and kitties recreating Taylor's gorgeous costumes from her Eras tour.

We had animal shelters renaming dogs after Taylor Swift tickets in hope of finding them forever homes. They also named animals after Taylor swift eras for the same reason. Shelters charged $13 adoption fees in honor of Taylor. One fan recreated an Eras tour concert poster with her dog. And one woman filmed the saddest goodbye to her pup while dancing to Taylor's gorgeous song Enchanted.

One thing we know for sure, there seems to be a strong correlation between Taylor Swift fans and people who absolutely adore animals. We just love to see it!

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