Doggy Daycare ‘Cooks Up’ a Fun Way to Show off All Their Labrador Retrievers

Shutterstock/Rosa Jay

K9 Club is a doggy daycare located in Tarren Point, Australia and they regularly share cute videos of their pups on their TikTok account. At the end of April, they shared one that I thought was beyond adorable, and it'll make you smile!

In the video, they show us all of the different colored Labrador Retrievers they have in a very creative way. How well done do you like your Labs? From rare to burnt to a crisp, they show off all of the pooches' shades!

The Labs all looked so happy and excited, and I think I like medium well the best! K9 Club commenters also got a kick out of the adorable video. People left more than 1,700 comments, and it seems most people either like their Labs 'burnt to a crisp' or they want all of them. I can understand why since they're all so cute!

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Fun Ways to Socialize Your Dogs

Doggy daycare is such a good way for your dog to socialize with other dogs and people. Our new dog doesn't have a chance to play with other dogs since nobody on our block has a dog. I'm a working paw-rent and since I do work from home, I often feel guilty that my dog is stuck inside, wondering why I'm not paying attention to her, going for long walks, and playing like we do on the weekends. I never considered taking her to daycare, but there are a few reasons that make sense about her going a few times a week.

At daycare, they learn how to interact and communicate other dogs. Not only that, they'll also be interacting with humans that they don't know. Does your dog crave attention all day long or get separation anxiety? They'll get lots attention and love at doggy daycare! Your dog will also be getting the exercise that they need since they can run and play with other dogs and burn off energy that they usually have to keep bundled up until you get home.

Doggy playdates are another great way to socialize your dog and a fun way for them to get some exercise. In lieu of playdates, some people go to the dog park, but not everybody is a fans of that. The dogs can all play hide and seek together - you hide the treats and they get to find them! Or set up a fun obstacle or agility course for them to conquer. Once they're all worn out, a movie night could be fun; check out Bluey cartoons or the movie Barkxville.

If your pup already has a doggie friend, chances are you're also friends with the owner and have spent time together.  Playdates make it a win-win situation for the humans and the dogs alike!

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