Dog Rescue Advocate Begs For Volunteers and Donations at Overcrowded Los Angeles Shelter


If you spend much time on the canine side of TkTok, you know that the number of animals in shelters across the country is a major problem. Shelter workers and volunteers are struggling to care for the increasing number of residents, and fewer people are signing up to foster, adopt, or volunteer. Many animal shelters are in need of donations, too!

Not every shelter, rescue, or humane society has the same needs, though. You'll want to check with your local organizations to find out what they need the most, but if you live in Southern California, please consider giving your time, money, or donations to the South LA Animal Shelter.

As Los Angeles animal rescuer Megan Lombardi revealed in a shocking and saddening April 6 TikTok video, the shelter staff is struggling to care for all the animals in their care. The dogs are especially in need of better care, but the shelter is already exhausting all of its resources.

It's difficult to even form words after seeing just what poor conditions these shelter dogs are in. And please don't think for a second that it's the fault of shelter staff or volunteers! Generous people like Megan are working around the clock to try to give these adoptable animals everything they need to thrive, but it's physically impossible to keep up.

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As of April 15, the Chesterfield/South LA Animal Shelter is housing 1515 dogs. To understand just how overcrowded it is, the shelter is only meant to house 737 dogs. There are literally only a handful of people taking care of over 1000 dogs, most of whom are medium or large dogs!

It's inspiring to see so many commenters saying that they'll sign up to volunteer at the animal shelter, and everyone's fingers are crossed that they meant what they said. The good news is that it's extremely easy to sign up as a volunteer on the shelter's website.

How to Help If You Can't Adopt

Not everyone is in a position to adopt a shelter animal, and that's OK. There are many other ways to make shelter animals' lives a little easier, including volunteering your time. You may clean out their kennels, which helps keep them healthy, or you may walk the dogs when their mental health needs it the most.

If you can't commit to volunteering, that's OK, too! Monetary donations go a long way in helping shelter pets, and most shelters happily accept donated items, too. Your local rescue or shelter might be in need of a specific item, or they may only feed their dogs a specific dog food, so be sure to browse a shelter's website before dropping off a donation.

Whether or not you live in LA, you can help shelter animals!

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