New Dog Parent’s Joke About the Ups and Downs of ‘Puppy Energy’ Is Spot-on


If you've ever brought home a puppy, you know that they have endless amounts of energy when they're awake but also require some recharges throughout the day. Milo is a Bichon/Poodle mix (lovingly referred to as the Poochon) who loves to play, run, and watch TV...all in between naps of course.

His paw-rents shared a video at the beginning of June showing what Milo's day looks like, and it's absolutely adorable! They caption it that it's a full-time job, and it certainly looks that way. Make sure your sound is on because the sound bite accompanying the video fits perfectly!

This is so relatable for all of us puppy owners; I got tired just watching the cute video! Milo is too cute, and I could watch him play all day...on a screen of course, I don't think I could keep up with him otherwise! Commenter @ThePuppyToddlers who said, "Yep that’s exactly right!", and @Lepawit agreed, "Play hard, sleep fast LOL!"

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Facts About Adorable Poochons

Are you looking for a high energy dog who is super social and loves people? If so, a Poochon might be the perfect addition to your family. They love people in general and get along with other animals, too. Consider them a velcro dog who will constantly want to be with their humans. While they're great with kids, they might be better suited with a family who has older kids since they're full of energy and can easily knock little ones down...even though they're just trying to play.

These dogs also require regular grooming to keep their coats looking perfect. Rover shares, "That sweet, soft poodle fur comes with a caveat: Poochons will need regular baths and hair trims, lest they grow bangs that make it impossible to see, and their soft fur gets crusty and matted. Regular (think: daily) brushing is key, and haircuts will likely need to happen every couple of months. The good news: they don’t tend to shed a ton, so you won’t have to spend your whole life vacuuming."

Poochons love to play and stay busy. They're intelligent dogs that love puzzles, games, and activities. In fact, you'll probably get tired of playing and trying to keep up with them before they do! They require about a half hour of physical activity each day and lots of mental activities to stave off boredom.

These dogs tend to be nervous. Rover suggests, "Poochons can be a bit skittish if they’re not appropriately socialized and given enough regular activity. That can take the form of barking at strangers, separation anxiety, or being scared in new situations."

There's a dog breed that's perfect for every family! While a Poochon doesn't seem to be a breed that would work with my family's lifestyle, it may be perfect for yours. That's why it's important to do your research to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about a breed to determine if it's a fit for your family.

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