Dog Mom Makes Her Husky ‘Do Chores’ and People Are So Here for It

Shutterstock/Andrii Spy_k

All parents feel unappreciated by their kids, including their fur babies, at some point or another. Apollo the Husky's mom decided to show him how much she does each day so that he'd appreciate her more. She shared a video in mid-May of her making Apollo do the chores she normally does for him, and it's the cutest thing you'll see today!

The video starts with Apollo using a waste bag to clean up after himself after he did his business, and then throwing it away. He also has to help as mom brushes him, vacuums up all of his 'flooof', feeds him, and fills up his water bowl. Throughout it all, Apollo does not look like he's having much fun!

Hopefully Apollo understands now how much mom does for him every day! Commenters agreed that Apollo didn't seem to be enjoying all of the work. @Teri Gebhart pointed out, "I think he's done with his human LOL!" and @Cassie added, "He does not look amused haha!" @Samrabaig55 was impressed, "He is so chill around the vacuum!" @Pam Thompson Frye said, "Such a good helper!"

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Can Dogs Really Do Chores?

While it would be amazing to assign chores (especially vacuuming up the flooof!) to our dogs, is it realistic to think our dogs doing chores is possible? Believe it or not, the answer is yes! My Animals says that it all starts with basic commands that all dogs should know, "Simple commands like “heel,” “sit,” “lay down,” “calm down,” “come here,” and “fetch.” They’re the foundation of your dog’s education, and they’ll help you teach them more complex things, like the following chores for dogs."

It could be fun to teach our dogs some commands that would help them earn their keep. You can teach your dog to pick up after itself by having them put their toys in a designated spot. Can your dog reach the light switch? If so, you can teach it to turn lights on and off for you. And this dog mom has a genius trick to teach your dog to help keep your floors dry after they drink from their water bowl!

We have a door to our backyard that has a handle on it that our puppy knows how to use to open the door (we leave it closed, but not latched). When she wants to come back inside the house, she knows she just has to push the handle down and she can come in. We're trying to teach her to push it closed with her head, but that one is taking much longer for her to learn.

When you're trying to teach your dog something new, remember to only work on one trick or command at a time until they've mastered it to avoid confusing them. Use positive reinforcements and lots of treats, and only work on training for 10 minutes or so at a time a few times throughout the day. With any luck, your dog will be doing 'chores' before you know it!

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