Dog Mom Lists ‘Crimes’ Her Boxer Committed This Week ‘Law and Order’ Style


Just like kids, sometimes our pets can't keep themselves out of trouble. Dolly is an adorable Boxer who seems to always find trouble to get into. So much so that her mom shared a video at the end of May of all of the 'crimes' she committed that week, and there were a lot of them!

The list of charges is long and includes harassment, running from the law, destruction of property, attempted assault on the cat, invasion of privacy (she's a Peeping Tom!), and underage drinking. She had a busy week! Make sure your sound is on because they Law and Order theme song playing with the charges makes it even more funny!

People loved Dolly's video and left well over 6,700 comments, and some of them were pretty funny. One commenter shared, "Invasion of Privacy could have also been Indecent Exposure. LOL!" @DeeJC pointed out, "But with that face she can get away with anything!" I agree with that! @anthony1986lane said, "Oh she is guilty... better lock her up at my house lol!"

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Do Boxers Make Good Family Pets?

In short, Boxers make great family pets. They are known for being friendly and outgoing both with humans and other animals. They are loyal and grow deep, strong bonds with their family. They're easy and low maintenance to groom, and while they do shed, they're a low shedding breed. You won't find hair all over the place like you would with a Husky or Golden Retriever.

Boxers are very playful, and as puppies can be pretty rambunctious. They require a lot of exercise to burn off their never-ending supply of energy, so if you're an active family, a Boxer would make a great addition. Since they love to play, having children around for them to run around with is also beneficial.

On the other hand, Boxers often have a potential for aggression toward other dogs (not family pets but unknown dogs of the same sex). They are stubborn and have a mind of their own, and so training may take more time. Because of their short, squished faces they're known to snort, wheeze, and snore, not to mention slobbering and drooling. They also pass gas loudly and often. They are prone to health problems and have a short lifespan (up to 12 years).

Health issues that Boxers are prone to include eye diseases (such as corneal ulcers), digestive diseases (such as ulcerative colitis), hypothyroidism, itchy allergies, skin tumor. They're a mess!

Boxers aren't known to bark excessively, and they make excellent guard dogs due to their looks and their natural instinct to protect their family and territory. AZ Animals says, "Boxers are fearless and quick to respond when they sense a threat. If someone enters your home aggressively, a Boxer will immediately take action to protect your family."

All dog breeds have things that are good and bad about them That's why it's important to do your research before choosing a new pet. You just may find that their cons outweigh their pros, and you could wind up with a very unhappy dog if it doesn't suit your family's lifestyle.

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