Dog’s Mad Skills Riding a One-Wheel Skateboard Make Him a True Pro

Shutterstock/Grishina Snezhana

Have you ever seen a dog ride a skateboard? Years ago, I had a neighbor who had taught his English Bulldog to ride a skateboard and it was so fun to watch. She'd ride down their driveway and drag the board back up to do it again. She'd do it for as long as he'd let her! I've never seen a dog on a one-wheel skateboard though, until I found Greyson.

I never thought I'd be jealous of a dog's life, yet here I am. Greyson spends a lot of time skateboarding around the beach, living his best life. His humans shared a video in mid-April of one of his boarding sessions, and it's the coolest thing you'll see today. Make sure to watch the whole thing because the best part is when he stops to check out another dog!

How cool is he?! Seriously, I want to be Greyson for just one day! And I'm not the only one, @Irishuwood got hundreds of likes for their comment, "One of my bucket list items is to be 10% as cool as this dog." @Robin shared, "Greyson does this and my Lab lays on the couch backwards and falls off! LOL!" @philldaniel5 was jealous, "Dude this dog rides a one wheel better then I can."

Commenters also got a kick out of Greyson stopping to check out the other dog. @PB got more than 2,100 likes when he pointed out, "The flex when he rolled up on the cute Goldie!!!" and @The Chef added, "He stopped to check out the game haha!"

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Other Pets Who Love to Skateboard

I was so impressed with Greyson's skills that I did a little digging to find other pets that like to ride. Check out this Dachshund who gathers quite an audience at the skate park. Bulldog Chowder loves to ride, and even picks out which board he wants to use for the day. He's famous for his riding - just check out these aerial clips that show how awesome he is at it!

And it's not just dogs that love to grind. Check out this funny Cockatoo who uses its dad's bald head as a 'skateboarding' ramp!

It turns out that there are a ton of videos and articles about how to teach your dog to seems that everybody wants to do it. Wag! also shared a great tip about the kind of skateboard you'll need for your pooch, "You need to get the right skateboard for your pooch, as it’ll have to be a wide skateboard that all four paws can fit on easily." Great reminder that they can't ride if they don't fit!

While it's a lot of fun to watch dogs skateboard, I'll be honest and admit that I don't have the patience for it. Heck, I can barely get my dog to go on a walk without yanking on the leash the whole time!

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