Dog Dad’s Joke About His Sleeping Golden Retriever Is All Too Relatable

Shutterstock/Raja GamerXTC

Just like with babies, there's nothing cuter than watching your fur baby sleep. Teddy is a beautiful Golden Retriever who looks so peaceful when he sleeps that his dad Johnathan can't help but to cuddle up and spoon him! We all get it; it's hard to leave them alone when you just want to show them how much you love them!

In this video that Johnathan posted on Monday, June 24th, Teddy's enjoying a nap on the floor. Dad sees him and can't help but tell him how cute he is, and so he gets behind him and starts petting him. Teddy wakes up, not looking too happy about the disturbance. But what's really funny about the video is the look on dad's face at the end...he looks like he's obsessed!

Yep, I'm guilty of this too! You just want to love on 'em and squeeze them when they look this cute! Teddy's fans totally agreed. @Lisa spoke for all of us when she said, "I don’t believe in “let sleeping dogs lie.” If you are sleeping, I’m snuggling!" @rachieray15 admitted, "People talk about clingy dogs that follow them around. Well, I’m a clingy human that follows my dog around." @Cynthia Trivella was spot on with, "Fur babies look so angelic when sleeping. How can anyone resist?"

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Dogs and Their Sleeping Positions

If your dog's anything like mine, chances are you've found them sleeping in some crazy sleep positions. I've caught her sleeping on her back with her head on the floor and the rest of her in her bed, legs straight in the air. She sleeps literally on top of my feet, like she wants to be the first one to know if I dare move somewhere else. And sometimes she even runs and barks in her sleep. I laugh at her sleeping at least once a day!

Believe it or not, your dog's sleeping position can actually tell you a lot about how they're feeling. If your dog sleeps on its back, fully exposing its belly, it could be trying to cool down. Another Pet Helpful article explains, "If you take a good look at your dog's belly, you will notice how your dog's tummy has areas that are not covered with fur. This means that by exposing his tummy to the air, he's granting himself a better chance of cooling off quickly compared to other sleeping positions." My dog will also lay right on top of the floor air vents to cool her tummy down.

During the colder months of the year, you may notice your dog sleeping curled up in a ball. Why? They're trying to conserve heat. They know what they're doing! And when your dog sleeps with on its side with its legs straight out in front of it, that means they're comfortable, as it's the most restorative sleeping position of all. This is when REM sleep (when your dog wags its tail, kicks and paddles, acting out his dreams) is most likely to happen. This is definitely the time when you should let your sleeping dog lie.

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