Deaf Frenchie Who 'Loves People' Still Hasn't Been Adopted After Over 270 Days

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Every animal deserves a loving home, and one French Bulldog has been waiting a long time for his. Compton has been at the Roadogs animal rescue for so long. Too long in fact. Now the rescue is sharing his story online so that someone will come and scoop the little guy up.

The video of the Frenchie languishing at the rescue is just heartbreaking. Can someone find it on their heart to give him a forever home?

The Frenchie is an absolute heartbreaker. He looks so sweet! But as the video online points out, he really needs to get a break.

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"Compton has been waiting 272 days for his forever home," the video's text overlay reads.

The French Bulldog looked so sad as the camera moved around him.  "He LOVES people. He is deaf but its no challenge for him," the onscreen caption states. Despite his hearing loss Compton is like every other dog. He is energetic, loving, and so, so playful.

"We want to find this boy his happy ever after," the rescue stated. "Every dog deserves a family."

The comments section was pulling for Compton too. "Why on earth has he been waiting so long. He's an absolute sweetie..." wrote one person. "Oh my goodness, I have a deaf Boston. He is the best!" someone else gushed. "Poor sweet Compton!! I don’t understand how this baby has been waiting so long," a third commenter chimed in.

Other Dogs Available at Roadogs

Of course we want Compton to find his forever home. But there are so many other animals at the rescue who also need love and attention too.

One English Bulldog is surely to get a forever home so soon. Her name is Bernadette Sunsparkle and she's the sweetest girl ever. Aside from having a great name, Bernadette is a social girl who loves the dog park. She'd do best in a quiet home without small children.

Brutus Wigglebuns is another dog at Roadogs with a great name. Another Frenchie, Brutus is a 9-year-old who has a heartbreaking background, but he still has a ton of heart. Brutus' old owner abused him and as a result would also do best in a quiet home, perhaps without teens or kids.

Who wouldn't fall in love with Frenchie Prunella Powerpuff? She has the coolest name! Prunella's superpower is being a lovable pup. She'll do well in a house with other dogs as she learns to trust her humans.

There are so many more animals at Roadogs. Each and every one of them deserves the very best.

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