Dad Shares His Golden Retriever’s ‘Selective Hearing’ and It’s So Relatable

Shutterstock/Larissa Chilanti

Just like kids, sometimes our pets have selective hearing. Internet famous Teddy is a Golden Retriever who also has selective hearing, and his dad was able to catch proof of it in this video he shared on Wednesday, May 22nd. Teddy does exactly what my kids would do in the same situations!

The video starts with Teddy snoozing on the couch as dad does some chores. He vacuums right next to him, puts dishes away, and even mows the lawn. But the second that dad gets a snack, Teddy is there before he even gets the first chip in his mouth! Watch on for another scenario in which Teddy pretends he can't hear dad, but this time, he gets caught!

Teddy always cracks me up! The faces he makes show the exact emotion he's feeling, and he always nails it. Teddy fake sleeping to avoid helping with chores is everything. The video has only been up for about 3 hours as of now and already has hundreds of comments. @Rachael admits, "Teddy is me hiding from unwanted guests LOL!" @Alisa86 points out, "He's just like a child lol they don't hear anything but when you open a snack they come running."

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Over-the-Top Doghouse Ideas

People also left comments about Teddy's awesome doghouse while pointing out the Ring doorbell, his big screen TV, and of course, the Playdog magazine! We used to have space beneath our stairs to create a cool doghouse like his, but we didn't have a dog at the time. After seeing Teddy's pad, I wish we did!

People get really creative when it comes to doghouses. Some doghouses are heated, which is ideal for people who live where it gets really cold in the winter. Some people add cabinets that hold their pup's toys to keep things clean and organized, while others add on "pet play stations" with slides, caves, and other fun things to keep them busy. Their houses are cooler than mine!

Some lucky pups get custom made houses that look just like a real house or a log cabin, and some even have more than one room in the house! I've even seen people build porches outside of the dog's house big enough for humans to also enjoy! Other people are more efficient and use sturdy decorated moving boxes so that they have a portable house that can be moved around. This would work for us since we spend time in our front and back yards.

My favorite idea is creating a "living roof" on top of your dog's house. This is basically like having a planter on top of the house that you can fill with veggies or flowers. I thought it was a smart way to go green and a great use of space!

There are so many cool ideas for doghouses out there! My husband might not be so excited to hear this, but I'm going to ask him to build our dog a house, complete with its own porch.

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