Dad Interrupts English Bulldog’s ‘Yoga Time’ and Her Annoyed Face Says It All

Shutterstock/WilleeCole Photography

If there's one thing that English Bulldogs love, it's lazy time. Whether just chilling on the couch or taking their tenth nap of the day, they can't get enough relaxation. Pancake is an English Bulldog who loves doing yoga. No seriously, some of the different ways that she sits and lays down really look like she's doing yoga poses!

Pancake's dad shared a video on Sunday, July 7th of him accidentally interrupting her yoga time, and her reaction is too funny! He walked into the bathroom where Pancake was sprawled out on the cool floor doing a reverse corpse pose. Watch what happens when Pancake realizes she gets up for no reason after dad interrupted her flow!

The dog's face said it all! Her side eye game is strong! Pancake was so annoyed with her dad, and it was totally apparent just by looking at her face. I guess this is why you're supposed to let sleeping dogs lie. @Spidey3000 said it best, "Not the side eye. “You made me get up for nothing?!” LOL!" and @Lizsu Mende was spot on when she added, "Her face tells you everything!" I guess getting on Pancake's bad side is pretty easy to do; all you really have to do is interrupt her quiet time!

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Why Do English Bulldogs Sleep So Much?

The National Canine Research Association of America shared that English Bulldogs need about 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day. They also add that depending on the age and size, they may sleep even more! Senior dogs sleep the most, averaging 16 to 18 hours a day. I wish I could sleep that much!

I Heart Dogs lists English Bulldogs as one of the sleepiest, and laziest, breeds around. They are "renowned for their leisurely pace and considerable need for sleep. These dogs are very low energy, requiring minimal exercise and spending much of their time lounging around the house." If you're a laid-back family that isn't very active and would prefer couch surfing all weekend instead of surfing waves, an English Bulldog might make a great family pet for you.

But there's a reason that they sleep so much, "Their brachycephalic nature makes strenuous activity difficult, further compounding their preference for a laid-back lifestyle." They're more into short bursts of energy followed by a quick nap before maybe thinking about another short burst of energy.

That being said, pet owners should always pay attention to their fur baby's sleep patterns. If you dog starts sleeping more or for longer periods of time, it could mean there's a medical problem, or that they are stressed or anxious about something. English Bulldogs are known for having several medical issues, so if you notice changes in your dog's sleeping patterns it might be worth a call to the vet to discuss.

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