Cute Video of ‘Sleepy Wombats’ Is Making Everybody Smile


Have you ever seen a sleepy wombat? They are beyond adorable, and I could literally watch them all day! Jess Benny is a woman who loves to travel and who loves the animals of Tasmania. She shared a video on Tuesday, March 26th of several sleepy wombats much to the delight of all of us who watched it!

The video is only 11 seconds long, but it's all pure joy. Jess shared clips of 5 different sleepy wombats getting ready to take a snooze. I'm willing to bet #2 is probably going to be the crowd favorite!

These are all just too cute, but oh my goodness the yawning wombat was by far my favorite! One commenter swooned, "Those little teef!" Other commenters also loved the adorable video clips and @Go Panoramic spoke for all of us when they said, "Didn’t think wombies could get any cuter and yet here we are!" Jess agreed and replied, "I agree completely! They are just too cute!"

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Fun Facts About Adorable Wombats

There are so many cool things about wombats, and most people think the most interesting has to do with their poop. These animals have teeth that never stop growing and they constantly graze on grass, roots, and shrubs to grind their teeth down. After eating, it takes about four to six days for them to digest a meal, and when it finally comes out, the poop comes out cube shaped! CNN explained, "The researchers say the distinctive cube shape of wombat poop is caused as a result of the drying of the faeces in the colon, and muscular contractions, which form the uniform size and corners of the poop." If you don't believe me, Google it!

Another interesting thing is that they can glow in the dark. explains that they have a have a unique biofluorescent quality to their fur, which makes them glow green in the dark. Scientists aren't sure why, but they think it may either be a way they communicate with each other in the dark or that it may be a camouflage technique to help them blend in, making it harder for predators (like dingoes, foxes, and Tasmanian devils) to find them.

While it may seem that rodents would be the closest relatives to the wombat, it’s actually the koala. These animals are both just as cute as each other. A group of wombats is called a wisdom, what a great name for them! Wombats love to play, and babies often get a case of adorable zoomies.

Sadly, there are only 115 Northern hairy-nosed wombats left in the world. This is mainly due to food shortages and droughts which have driven them out of their habitats. Conservation efforts are underway and already improving the populations. My hope is that efforts are successful because I'd love to continue to see these adorable animals thrive.

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