The cut-price used supercars to buy now

Supercars represent the epitome of driving performance. These cars sit at the very top of what’s possible on four wheels, bringing huge performance, flamboyant looks and a whole lot of excitement.

As a result, they command a serious premium when new. However, many supercars tend to lose value quite considerably as they age, so a used example could represent a great way of getting behind the wheel of one of these tip-top cars for a lot less than new. Just remember that buying a used supercar does mean that you’ll have to factor in extra money for maintenance, which brings a lot more cost than with a ‘regular’ car.

Audi R8 – £34,995

Audi R8
The R8 came with either V8 or V10 power

The Audi R8 is often seen as the ‘everyday’ supercar, with a range of features that mean that it’s just as easy to drive on a daily basis as a normal car. However, early models, with their V8 or V10 options, were still seriously powerful while quattro all-wheel-drive made them particularly good in poor conditions.

These days, you can pick up a first-generation Audi R8 for slightly less than you’ll pay for a brand new A4.

Aston Martin DB9 – £28,095

Aston Martin DB9
The DB9 is powered by a sonorous V12 engine

The DB9 marked a whole new era for Aston Martin. It used lightweight materials, had a sharper, more angular face than any car before it and packed a real punch, too. Though it sits on the grand-tourer end of the spectrum, the DB9 is still a very exciting car to be behind the wheel of.

With its V12 engine, the DB9 makes for a really sporty used buy. Plus, with examples now dipping underneath the £30,000 mark, it’s far better value than you may expect, too.

Nissan GT-R – £33,995

Nissan GTR
The GTR is packed with technology

Nissan’s GT-R is a masterclass of technology. It’s practically bristling with features and systems designed to help it go as quickly as possible. It’ll do 0-60mph in around 3.5 seconds, with its four-wheel-drive system helping it to slingshot away from the line.

It’s also relatively easy to live with on a daily basis and quite practical, too. With used examples sitting just over £30,000, it’s a great time to get your hands on one.

Ferrari 612 – £54,950

Ferrari 612
The 612 is comfortable and extremely fast

There are few car manufacturers with quite so much sporting pedigree as Ferrari. When people think of supercars, it’s likely that the famous prancing horse will be the first manufacturer to spring to mind, with the Maranello-based car company having been behind some of the most iconic cars ever.

If you fancy a slice of the Ferrari action, then you could opt for the sleek-looking 612. It’s an all-aluminum grand tourer but packs a huge 5.7-litre V12. It could be yours for just under £55,000.

Lamborghini Gallardo – £68,000

Lamborghini Gallardo
The Gallardo uses a powerful V10 engine

If flamboyance is your thing, then look no further than the Lamborghini Gallardo. It was one of the first in a new line of Lamborghini models and shared much of its make-up with the Audi R8 that we’ve also taken a look at here.

But whereas the Audi was relatively conservative in its styling, the Gallardo was far more outlandish. It looks particularly good in bright colours like orange and yellow, too.

McLaren 12C – £65,000

McLaren 12C
The 12C features plenty of F1-influenced technology

McLaren has now become one of the biggest names in the supercar business thanks to its razor-edged performance cars that use a whole heap of technological know-how. One of its first fully-fledged modern supercars was the 12C.

With a turbocharged V8 engine the 12C is still quick by today’s standards, while clever hydraulically linked suspension means that it’s surprisingly comfortable too.