Comedian Jokes About Funny Things Cats Would Say if They Could Talk

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Do you ever wonder what your pet would say if they could talk? Sometimes our dog looks at me like I'm crazy, annoying her, or like she wants to argue back with me! It would be fun to have a conversation with her...or at least hear what she's thinking and what she'd say if she could!

Jake Lambert is a comedian and decided to do a skit about the funny things cats would say if they could talk. He posted the video to Instagram at the beginning of July, and the whole thing cracked me up! He uses all the stereotypes we have about cats and honestly, if cats could talk, this is exactly what they'd be saying!

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I think my favorite was the joke about sleeping - being up all night really takes it out of them! The one about the petting is spot on, too. @chole.wolff suggested, "You missed ‘I really like this food you should buy it again’ closely followed by ‘I hate this food, why would you ever consider buying it?’" And I thought it was funny in the comments when Jake said, "My cats are demanding royalties for this script!"

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Comical Cats and What They Really Think About

After watching this, you may be thinking twice about whether or not you want to get a pet cat...they definitely have attitude! I think the most accurate joke here had to do with cats and when they want to receive pets from their humans. They can be affectionate, but it's always on their own terms. When your cat rubs up against you, meows and purrs softly when you're near, or even makes biscuits on you, that's your feline's way of letting you know they love you.

They also might not be having conversations with themselves inside their heads like humans do, but they do think about things. According to they think about things that matter to them in their day-to-day lives, "Cats are certainly capable of thinking, processing the world around them, and responding to it accordingly." They go on to add, "It’s unlikely that cats think in the same complex way that humans do, and their thoughts are perhaps a little more simplistic than ours. It’s unlikely cats overthink anything!" goes on to list some of the things they think about regularly, and they probably won't surprise you. They think about food all day, every day, "They learn to recognize the sound of the food bowl or opening a tin of cat food, but they also anticipate food if they are fed at the same time every day. Cats also recognize gestures when it comes to food, according to one study. We often use certain tones in our voice or specific gestures associated with feeding—cats learn to recognize and understand this."

They also think about their humans, happiness and sadness, anger and grudges, and fear. There's really a lot that goes on in their little heads!

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