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College Football Playoff kickoff times released & are rematches bad for college football?

On today's episode, Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger and SI's Pat Forde open the show by comparing the regionality of the College World Series to the landscape of college football. They discuss if football is trending towards becoming regional, and how conferences now impact it.

Dellenger brings up the potential of two to three rematches occurring each season in the new format of college football. They debate if multiple rematches per season are bad for the sport.

After the break, Wetzel laments over the recently released college football playoff kickoff times, particularly the Rose Bowl starting ridiculously late. They later pay tribute to the PAC-12 officially being dead after Oregon's loss to Texas A&M in the College World Series.

The show concludes with two new court cases. One is an official legal ruling on whether a taco is technically a sandwich, and the other is the story of an elderly man who tormented his neighborhood with a slingshot.

(0:59) Regionality of college baseball

(18:48) Rematches in college football

(34:53) Kickoff times for the College Football Playoff

(40:31) Death of the Pac-12

(42:47) Update on North Carolina scheduling

(48:07) People's Court

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