Chatty French Bulldog Loudly Babbles to Passersby on Bike Ride and It's Priceless


Imagine enjoying a leisurely stroll down when a strange, unrecognizable sound slowly begins making its way toward you. In most cases, this would be unnerving to say the least, but when the sound comes from something--or someone--as cute as Sunny the French Bulldog, it's impossible not to smile!

This dog's owners are used to his exuberant talking, however, and they enjoy taking him out to public places where he can make tons of other people smile, too. On April 8, Sunny and his parents took a bike ride through Amsterdam to delight the public, and it was an absolute hit! Passersby had so many fun reactions to the babbling boy, and I have a feeling you'll be smiling, too.

LOL--just listen to him! Sunny knows exactly what he's doing by talking so much, but I think he loves the reactions just as much as his parents do. He's got some serious main-character energy, and he's not afraid to use it!

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It looks like his attention-grabbing babbling paid off, too. Not only did he make dozens of people's days, but he got the attention of 16 million TikTok viewers and one of the biggest companies in the world.

"We recognize someone giving directions when we hear one," commented Google. OMG! Google probably has the technology to make a French Bulldog-to-English translator, so they must know what they're talking about. And so does Sunny!

The talkative dog responded, "Let me know if you want me to be the new Voice of Google Maps. Let's have a puppuchino and discuss it." Talk about the ultimate collab! Dog lovers across the world would be going feral if something like this existed, even as a joke. But I'm not sure how helpful Sunny's directions would be!

Why Do Some Dogs Talk?

As silly and smile-inducing as Sunny's babbling may be, it's interesting to consider why some dogs are incredibly vocal while others barely make a sound. In many cases, a dog's breed has a lot to do with it, but some individual dogs may be a lot louder or quieter than their breed's standard--and that's OK!

Some dog breeds, like Siberian Huskies, talk a lot because it serves an important purpose. When Huskies and other snow dogs are pulling sleds during snowstorms, they need to be able to communicate!

For companion dogs like French Bulldogs, however, talking is more likely an attention-seeking behavior. If you react to your Frenchie's babbling, for example, they may start using those sounds as ways to get your attention! It may be a sneaky way for a dog to 'train' their humans to give them more attention, but take it from Sunny--it works!

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