Cat's Undying Love for Feral Kitty Who Can't Stand Him Is a Riot

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You can't help who you love — even if they sort of hate you. The heart wants what it wants! It's actually sort of sad news for a tuxedo cat named Henry, who is positively swooning over a feral cat his owners brought home. There's only one problem: she sort of hates his guts.

Poor Henry's mom had to watch her lovesick cat try his hardest to woo the object of his affection, but sadly she just wasn't feeling it back.

The cat mom captured her tuxedo cat pacing in front of the glass door that led to the room where his love Tabitha was kept. Henry was clearly trying to get a glimpse of the female cat, but there is a good reason why their mom kept them separated.

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"She lives in this room because she hates other cats and tries to kill them," @casa_leone explained in the text overlay.

You would think that would deter Henry, but "Henry does not care," his mom wrote. "He waits for her to come to the door so he can try to woo her with his moves," she added.

Love makes fools of us all, Henry. It really does. Sadly it seems like some people in the comments section have been there before because they had some strong words for the lovelorn cat. "Oh Henry, find someone who loves you like you deserve," joked one person. "Henry's really into bad girls," a second commenter teased. "From one Tabitha to another, keep them wanting more, Kitty Tabitha," wrote one commenter, who we assume is named Tabitha. While another commenter warned Henry to back off: "Henry... my dude... No means NO!" they kidded.

What Are Feral Cats Like?

Feral cats are no laughing matter. These poor cats usually survive on the street and have little to no trust in humans. Life for feral cats isn't easy. They must survive on their own and usually have short hard lives. Or in other words, feral cats never really die of old age.

They also differ from stray cats who are cats that were once domesticated but ended up homeless after being abandoned or running away. Strays know that humans can care for them, so they are more likely to trust humans once they've been taken back in.

Adult feral cats are very hard to tame and are usually not good options for adoption. Feral kittens, however, have more of a shot being domesticated. They're still young enough that socializing with humans can do them a whole host of good.

As for Henry — well it seems like the poor little guy is going to need all the luck he can get.

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