Cat's Bewildered Response to English Bulldog Chilling in a Cat Tree Is Understandable


For me, being a dog owner feels as natural as waking up in the morning. It's hard to remember what my life was like before my family rescued a dog, but I can vividly remember how long it took me actually to feel confident as a new dog owner. Every time my pup did something new, I had to ask whether it was normal!

In the case of English Bulldog Lucy, however, her owner had to throw 'normal' out the window. That's because she's anything but! Lucy grew up hanging out with the cats, and now she acts like she's one of them. On June 18, the dog's owner found her chilling in the cat tree with her feline friends, and now the silly scene has gone viral on TikTok. Check it out!

LOL! Lucy looks oh-so-comfy in the bed of the cat tree, and I can't help but wonder how often she does this. It's like the perch was made just for her! The cat, on the other hand, looks less than happy to have her there, especially when the silly English Bulldog reaches up toward the cat with her paw.

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"She wants the cat to come snuggle with her," noticed one commenter. I think you're right! The curious dog definitely wants her feline sister to come closer, but I wonder if she'd still feel that way when the gray cat gets close enough to swat at her instead!

All in all, it's easy to see why the cat's reaction is the most beloved highlight of the video. Their confused and annoyed attitude is the most stereotypical way a cat could respond, especially when someone starts encroaching on their space. This kitty could be all talk--that's true--but it's best that sweet Lucy doesn't take the chance.

Dogs Who Act Like Cats

Although instincts drive many dogs' routine behaviors, they may also take notes from other animals in their environment. Dogs who live with cats may take on some feline behaviors, especially as a puppy, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. After all, most Bulldog breeds don't climb due to their short legs and long, heavy bodies, but Lucy has somehow figured it out! This could be from watching the cats jump up and down from the cat tree, but it's also a result of healthy joints and regular activity.

Lucy isn't the first dog on Earth who acts more like a cat in order to interact with feline friends, and she certainly won't be the last. Interspecies friendship is a beautiful thing!

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