Catahoula Leopard Dog 'Brings All His Toys' to Watch Parade Outside with Him

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Everyone loves a parade. And we really mean everyone. Even a Catahoula Leopard Dog, who had a great seat to watch a parade outside his window. Bandit's owner was tickled when she saw him saddle up to watch the spectacle — but he wasn't alone. And now people online are cracking up at the friends he brought along to take the show in.

Amanda D'Esposito managed to capture her pup doing the cutest thing at her window.

We guess Bandit was really enjoying the show because he wanted to share the parade with some of his best friends — his stuffed animals.

The Catahoula Leopard Dog mama, D'Esposito, must've been amused so she pulled out her camera and recorded the whole thing.

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"My dog is special, there's a parade going on outside my window and he literally brought his toys to the window to watch — I'm assuming," she said from off-screen.

"This dog is in a breed of his own," she joked in the caption.

Could you even imagine seeing your dog do something this cute? We would immediately start crying with joy — and people in the comments section felt just as strongly as we did. "Correction, that's a parade FOR him and he brought distinguished guests," joked one person. "That is the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen a dog do. He’s just a baby," someone else agreed. "Dogs believe in the rule of reciprocity. The people are giving him joy, so he is sharing his joy with them too," another person chimed in. "From a behavior standpoint he’s having a lot of feelings about the parade and the toys make him feel more secure," another commenter explained.

Why Dogs Like Stuffed Animals

It might seem strange that dogs love stuffies as much as say, your 3-year-old does. But unlike other dog toys, stuffed animals provide your pup with something besides mental stimulation. Stuffed animals can be very comforting to dogs. And they double as something they can chew on too.

Stuffies help dogs get out extra energy when they toss the toy around the room or can be a companion when alone in the house. They can be "prey" that your dog can hunt or a prized possession that they can guard. It all really depends on what your dog needs. That's why stuffies are very versatile toys for dogs. They're there for them in a variety of situations and usually your dog will have one or two toys that they prize above the rest.

Or maybe your dog is like Bandit and just wants some company on parade day.

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